Thursday, April 06, 2017

Our Eternal Hope

This morning, my heart is overwhelmed by God's indescribable love.  Monte and I have tasted the grace of God so amazingly.  We could never have survived has it not for God's sustaining power.  I cannot describe the many crises and challenges we have faced for years.  It is no wonder that only fools would say that there is no God.  God is not a figment of our imagination.  He reveals Himself to us in our darkest hour; when all we could do is to cry out to Him to rescue and deliver us.  He has never once failed us.  He shows us His sufficiency.  He assures us for His undying love.  He floods our hearts with peace that passes understanding.  God is no man's debtor.  He pours His grace on us as we acknowledge His sovereignty and greatness.  We are powerless and He is all powerful.  We are weak and He is strong.  We are helpless and He is our eternal hope.

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