Tuesday, August 22, 2017

One Step at a Time

One step at a time
Leaning on Jesus
Living His promises
Learning to trust Him
One step at a time
When life gets out of control
You hold us in Your hands
You sustain us by Your grace
You surround us with Your love
All we know
Is to take
One step at a time

Monday, August 21, 2017

Take Us Deeper

The depth of Your love
The strength of Your grace
The certainty of Your hope
Draw us closer
Take us deeper
Lead us to Your
Throne of grace
Your holy presence


Broken dreams
Broken lives
Broken relations
We give the broken pieces
Of our live to You
Spirit of God
Touch these broken places
Touch these broken parts
Touch these broken pieces
Refresh us
In Your presence

Enter In

We enter into Your rest
We enter into Your peace
We enter into Your presence
Flood our heart with Your peace
Peace that passes understanding
Joy that bubbles over
Grace so rich
We enter in with
And joyful hope

Prism of Your Love

You see us through
The prism of Your love
The prism of Your mercy
The prism Your grace
You love us
You save us
You make us whole
You give us life
You give us purpose
You give us hope

The River of Your Spirit

We come to Your stream
We come to Your river
We come to You
The river of Your Spirit
The river of pure delight
The river of life
Wash over us
Plunge us in Your river
Take over our life
Consume us

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sing Through Us

Sing through us
A song of joy
A song of deliverance
A song of liberty
Sing Your song
Through us
To the hurting
To the helpless
To the hopeless
Sing Your song
Through us

We Cry Out

Everything within us
Cry out Abba Father
Everything within us
Magnify Your holy name
Everything within us
Proclaim You are Lord
Without You
We are nothing
Only You
Satisfy our deepest longings

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Set our hearts on pilgrimage
Set us apart
Consume our lives
Work Your purposes and plans
Through us
As we yield
In humble submission
Set our hearts on pilgrimage

Friday, August 18, 2017

Mighty God

Mighty is our God
Mighty is King
Mighty is our Rock
Great in mercy
Great is power
Great in grace
We worship and adore You
Rock of ages
Eternal God

Only You

Only You
We seek You
And You alone
We behold Your beauty
We proclaim 
You are Lord
You are sovereign
You are awesome
We seek You
Only You

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Breathe Upon Us

Spirit of the living God
Fall afresh on us
Touch our hearts
Touch our lives
Breathe upon us
Breath of God
We need You
We wait upon You
Move upon our hearts


Birth Your dreams in us
Let us run with You
Let us hope in You
Let us soar with You
Speak to us
Speak through us
Speak for us
Dreams of hope
Dreams from Your throne
Dreams from Your heart
Empower us today
To live for You

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Rebuild Our Lives

Light our path
Soften our heart
Open our ears
Sanctify our thoughts
Bless our labour
Rebuild our lives
We call on You
We cry out to You
We need You

Love Lifted Us

Your love gives us hope
Your love gives us encouragement
Your love gives us joy
Your love lifts us
Lift us from pain
Your love lifts us

Hold Our Hearts

Hold our hands
Hold our hearts
Hold our lives
You are why
Our heart is beating
Preserve us
Provide for us
Protect us
We pray

Pave Our Way

Open our heart to receive
Open our eyes to see
Open our ears to hear
Open pathways
Open the floodgates of heaven
Open doors of opportunity
Direct our every step
Make a way 
When there seems 
To be no way

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I will Redeem You

God called out to us
In His love
He called out to us
A broken people
He says
I will give you peace
I will give you hope 
I will give you joy
I will strengthen you
I will comfort you
I will redeem you

Teach Us to Wait

Teach us to wait
Teach us to linger
Teach us to sit
In Your presence 
There is fullness of joy
There is fullness of hope
There is fullness of peace
Teach us to linger
In Your presence
To find strength
For everyday living

Monday, August 14, 2017

Life Giver

Our life in Christ
A life filled with hope
A life filled with peace
A life filled with joy
A life filled with His presence
A life filled with optimism
A life filled with His blessings
How can we live without You
You have raised us up
From our low estate
You have filled us 
With good things
Gifts from on high
Gifts of eternal value
You are the life giver
Bless us, this day

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Weakness to Strength

You have turned 
Our weakness
Into strength
You have turned
Our sorrow
Into Joy
You have turned
Our pain
Into release
Thank you
For abiding presence
Your sweet love
Your amazing grace

We Long to Hear Your Voice

We long to hear Your voice
Speak to our heart
Speak to our spirit
Speak to our soul
Comforting us
Strengthening us
Empowering us
Sensitize us
Open our heart
Open our ears
Open our eyes

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Turn Our Heart

Turn our heart
Like rivers of water
Turn in to You
Turn it to Your heart
Turn it to Your plan
Turn it to Your purposes
Rule and reign in us
Turn our heart to You


We were rootless
You came
You washed us with Your word
You calmed us with Your love
You renewed us in Your presence
We were condemned
For destruction
Your love lifted us
You clothe us with mercy
You covered us with compassion
You poured oil and wine on us
We are restored
We are redeemed
We are renewed

Perfect Love

None of us can fully comprehend the depth, height and width of God's love.  We have apparatus and equipment to measure anything and everything; but we will never be able to measure His love.  Man has gone to the depth of the sea, he has gone to the ends of the earth.  Yet he is unable to determine the deep dimension of God's perfect love.  For His love is boundless, incomparable, eternal, unparalleled and unfailing.  The God of this universe who holds the world in His hand knows each of us by name.  He has loved us with everlasting love.  Love that conquers all.  Love so strong, free and rich.  

Friday, August 11, 2017

You Rescued Us

We were in trouble and distress
And You saved us
We were in the fire
You rescued us
We were in the whirlwind
You held us closely to Yourself
We call out to You
And You saved us
You delivered us
You rescued us

Live Through Us

God is our life giver.  We are all sustained by His breath. We are here today, and yet some of us may be gone tomorrow.  Each day speaks of possibilities, life, hope and grace.  We are not defeated; God lives victoriously through each of us.  He rules and reigns in us.  

Lord, live through our broken lives.  Live through our heartaches.  Live through our challenging circumstances.  Live through us.  Let Your fragrance bring life.  Let us be a carrier of Your presence for the hurting, dying and hopeless people on Your heart.


We are blessed
Blessed to be loved
Blessed to love
Blessed to be encouraged
Blessed to encourage
Blessed to receive hope
Blessed to give hope
Blessed to receive joy
Blessed to give joy
We are blessed 
To bring Your presence
Wherever we go
A healing presence
A peaceful presence
A joyful presence

Thursday, August 10, 2017

None Like You

There is none like You
You give us hope
You give us peace
You give us joy
There is none like You
Who can compare with You
You are eternal
You are supreme
You are sovereign

Touch Our Heart

Soften our heart
Open our eyes
Open our ears
Reveal Your heart to us
Lead us
Guide us
Direct our every step
Touch us
Heal us
Renew us

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Deep and Lasting Work

Do a deep and a lasting work in us
Chisel away the ugly
Smoothen our rough edges
Mould us
And make us
Till we see Your face in us
Lord, please do a deep
And a lasting work in us

Faithful God

The sun rises
The sun sets
Your faithfulness reaches
To the sky
You have put the stars
In their places
You command
The wind and the waves
Great is Your faithfulness
From everlasting to everlasting
You are God
A God of faithfulness
A God of grace
A God of hope

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

We Rejoice

Our heart bursts with joy
Our heart bursts with hope
Our heart bursts with peace
We rejoice
With exceeding great joy
We rejoice
For You have filled
Our mouths with laughter
We rejoice

Search Us

Search us, O Lord
Purify us from deep within
The pure in heart 
Shall see Your face
Reveal Yourself to us
Show us Your glory
Show us Your power
Show us Your strength

The Best Gift

The gift of life
The gift of breath
The gift of hope
The gift of peace
The gift of joy
You are the best gift
Without You 
We are nothing
You give us a new life
A new hope
A new dream

Monday, August 07, 2017


Every tear drop
Every heartache
Reminds us of You
God with us
Your abiding presence
Fills us with peace
Your comforting presence
Makes life livable
Your healing balm
Brings release
And hope

When You Call

Call us to Yourself
Call us to intimacy
Call us into Your presence
Touch our heart
Touch our eyes 
Touch our ears
When You call
We will run to You
When You call
We will cling to You
When You call
We will hear
With our waiting heart

Your Steadfast Love

The steadfast love 
Of the Lord
Never ceases
Love so deep
Love so strong
Love so pure
Without Your love
We are lost
We are doomed
We are powerless
Your steadfast love
Floods our heart
This glorious day

Sunday, August 06, 2017

We Give You Everything

We give You everything
Our life
Our dream
Our desire
Our loved ones
Our possession
Our career
Our pain
Our agony
Our sorrow
Our discouragements
Our heartache
We give You everything

Renew us
In Your love

We Long for You

Soften our heart
Purify us from deep within
We long to hear Your voice
We long for Your courts
Only You can satisfy us
Speak strength
Speak hope
Speak joy
Into every fiber
Of our being
Pour Your grace on us
This day

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Draw Us by Your Spirit

Draw us by Your Spirit
Call us to Yourself
A hunger
A thirst
A desperation
For You
For Your presence
Speak to our hearts
Bring release
And wholeness
Oh, how we need You

You Make All Things Beautiful

You make all things beautiful
You turn our sorrow 
Into joy
You turn our despair
Into hope
You turn our fear
Into security
You mould us
You make us
You shape us
Touch our live 
As we yield our self
In total submission
You make all things beautiful
In Your time 

Friday, August 04, 2017

Our Loving God

Monte and I are thankful for God's faithfulness to us all these years.  All we desire is to see His hand of love on us.  All we desire is to see His footprints and hand-prints all over us.  He has sustained us with His amazing grace.  He hides us in the cleft of the rock.  We stand secure in His abiding love. God has never forsaken us.  In our deepest trials and tribulations, He reminds us that He is the fourth man in the fire.  He reminds us that there is nothing He cannot do.  If it had not been for His presence, we would not reach where we are today. 

Each day is a day of hope and possibilities.  We see Him at work; we know that He is at work even on days when our world is seemingly spiraling out of control.  We have tasted the faithfulness and goodness of our loving God.

Magnify the Lord

Magnify the Lord
Extol Your most high name
The name that is above
Every other name
We worship and adore You
We give You the highest praise
God of greatness
God of grace
God of glory 
We honour You
We proclaim Your majesty

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Our Eternal Hope

Peace for our broken pieces 
Joy for our sorrow
Hope for our despair
Grace for each new day
Teach us to lean on You
To rest in Your presence
To hope in Your glory
Our refuge
Our helper
Our fortress
We put our trust in You

Strength of our Heart

You are the strength 
Of our heart
You are our eternal hope
You are our sole desire
Hear the cry of our heart
Come and heal our
Broken body
Broken heart
Broken live
You are the strength
Of our heart

You are the Reason

You are the reason
Why our hearts are beating
You are the reason 
Why our hearts are hopeful
You are the reason 
Why our hearts are peaceful
God of grace
God of power
God of glory
We bow at Your feet
We offer our lives
As living sacrifices
You are the reason 
Why we are alive

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Your light and Life

Darkness binds us
Your light illuminates us
Darkness blinds
Your light opens our eyes
Darkness drowns us
Your light lead us into 
Your awesome presence
To behold Your beauty
To know Your heart-cry
To see Your glory
Let Your life and light 
Set us free
To walk in the Spirit
To bask in Your presence
To swim in Your river

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

The Spirit of the Lord is upon Us

When the Spirit of the Lord
Is upon us
We arise with a new boldness
When the Spirit of the Lord
Is upon us
We arise with fresh hope
When the Spirit of the Lord
Is upon us
We arise with renewed strength
Spirit of the living God
Fall afresh on us
We receive Your anointing
To love
And to serve

A Redeemed People

Your redeeming love
Your redeeming grace
Your redeeming power
We are a redeemed people
A people marked by
The touch of Your hand
Mercy has triumphed over judgment
You have set us free
Free to love
Free to serve
Free to give
We are a redeemed people
Filled with Your Spirit 
Filled with eternal hope
Filled with great joy